Gatchaman 01

Gatchaman Versus Turtleking

So this is the very first episode of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. As all things must, it begins on a dark and stormy night… on the coast… with a light house.. And a GIANT MECHA TURTLE OF DOOM!

The giant mecha turtle makes his merry way to some kind of installation. A military force attacks. Since the military is not the main characters of this anime, then of course they will be extremely ineffective. I don’t think they managed to put even a dent in the turtle. Ignoring the human attacks, the turtle begins to drill. Why would a turtle mecha have a drill? Or why would a drill be made into a turtle mecha? I think a walrus mecha would make more sense personally. The baddies go through all that fuss just to get a little briefcase. Then the turtle uses his rocket powered feet to fly away, but not before he kills everyone.

And now we switch to a group of people sitting around a circle table. They aren’t the Japanese government. They aren’t the U.N. They aren’t some fictional military organization. It is the International Science Organization… we are doomed.

And now we find out that the baddies stole uranium. I mean yeah that sucks that they stole uranium, but I find it hard to believe that an evil organization that can make flying turtle drill mechas would really need something as mundane as uranium. And apparently no intelligence agents can find out anything at all about the baddies.

The International Science Organization must do SOMETHING!? Maybe some bottle rockets? Wait! The scientist with the most detailed character design is standing up! He knows about the baddies! He is Dr. Nambu. The baddies are Galactor and Dr. Nambu just so happens to have a Science Ninja Team.

Now we go to cute guy flying an airplane. He has a sparkly bracelet and the number one on his shirt. His sparkly bracelet is a communications device to Dr. Nambu. The guy identifies himself as Gatchaman. Dr. Nambu tells him where the turtle is. Now the guy is called G-1 and is told to gather the team and launch the God Phoenix.

“Bird Go!”

Now that he is more properly attired, it is time to introduce the team. He is G-1 or Ken the Eagle.

Now we have a pretty girl in pink and white riding a motorcycle. The girl is G-3, Jun the Swan.

From the depths of the ocean comes: Ryu the Owl, G-5. They must not like even numbers here.

As Jun gets on board Ryu’s aircraft there is a bet of exposition. The Gatchaman are you Ninja dedicated to justice while using the inventions of Dr. Nambu.

And her comes G-4, Jinpei the Swallow.

Last, but also second, is G-2, Joe the Condor.

Once everyone is on board it is time to get this episode going. Jinpei thinks that Galactor doesn’t sound too tough. Us audience people know that is never the case. Joe finds the number of civilians killed unforgivable. Joe gets told off by Dr. Nambu for wanting to fight instead of finding Galactor’s headquarters. Why can’t they do both?

After a bit of light flirting between Ken and Jun, they find a swirly thing in the water, they go underwater to investigate. I never knew that aircraft worked equally well under water.

The swirly thing is actually smoke that was getting there via an underwater tunnel. They follow the smoke to find turtle mecha who looks like he is attacking a missile complex. Luckily the complex is defended. Unfortunately, it is useless.

There is a small argument between Ken and Joe. Joe wants to attack. Ken wants to follow orders. There is insulting of manly bravery. Things change when they realize that the turtle is flying toward a city. Joe wants to blast the mecha with a Bird Missile. Ken stops him, but orders Ryu to fly up close. Ken announces himself and one other will go in. Joe and Jinpei want to go, but get shot down by Jun. She is the explosives expert. Jinpei accuses Jun of wanting to spend special time with Ken.

Ken and Jun fly over. They are quickly discovered. Ken takes one guard out with a punch and Jun shows off her killer yo-yo skills. Personally, I think taking a dude down with a yo-yo is cooler. The two split up after a warning of to be careful and if they die, they die together (how sweet).

Ken can’t find the uranium, but Jun plants the explosives successfully. On the turtle’s bridges the bad guy that looks like he is wearing an octopus is about to blast the God Phoenix (if I hadn’t mentioned it, that is the name of the big plane they are all on) out of the sky. However, Jun’s explosion stops that from happening. The God Phoenix is able to dock and now all five are on board.

They are about to retreat when the octopus face man shows up! It is time to use the secret technique: Tornado Fighter.

Gatchaman breaks up from the tornado and begins a general one on one fight scene. Here are a few good pics from it.

Another baddie named Berg Katse orders that the mecha be destroyed with Gatchaman be on board. Berg Katse takes orders from something called Leader. Ken decides it is time for Gatchaman to beat a hasty retreat. However one of the wings of the God Phoenix is trapped. Ken uses a never been tested technique, that could kill them. The God Phoenix literally turns into a phoenix and managed to escape the destruction.

Rar with all taken pics in png.


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